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Best apps for your new Blackberry

Google Maps
  Your BlackBerry comes with a maps application pre-loaded, but let’s be honest. BlackBerry Maps isn’t  the greatest navigation application. It does the basics, but it’s not quite as comprehensive as Google Maps. If you seek a powerful maps application for free, G-Maps is the place to be.

Download Link |http://m.google.com/maps


Googe Mail App

Try Gmail for mobile and get your email wherever you are.

Download Link | http://m.google.com/mail?


Barnes & Nobile eReader
Bookstores are now getting into the business of eBooks, and have been using proprietary readers to distribute literature. Barnes & Noble has its Nook device, but if you don’t want to pay for the product you can get the experience for free. Their BlackBerry application allows you to view Barnes & Noble eBooks, and even gives you four free (public domain) eBooks upon signing up. It’s an excellent Nook accompanier, too.

Download Link |http://www.barnesandnoble.com/ebooks/download-reader.asp?dltab=blackberry

Kindle for BlackBerry
Of all the eBook readers to come out over the past few years, the Kindle remains the most popular. From Amazon.com, the device uses e-ink technology to deliver a readable format on a digital screen. You can use the BlackBerry Kindle application to complement your Kindle device, or you can use it as a standalone reader.

Download Link |http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?ie=UTF8&docId=1000468551

Amazon App
Mobile shopping hasn’t quite caught on with the masses yet, but it’s surely coming soon. For now, though, you can shop one of the largest retailers in the world right from your BlackBerry. Browse the Amazon.com catalog and buy books and other products while you’re not at your computer. The application is also good for comparison shopping while you’re at an actual store.

Download Link |http://www.amazon.com/gp/anywhere/sms/bbapp

Twitter is all the craze these days, and it seems that many BlackBerry users have adopted it. There are more than a dozen BlackBerry Twitter clients out there, but users seem to prefer UberTwitter to them all. It features ads, which helps keep it free, but the trade-off is worth it. For another look, check out our list of BlackBerry Twitter apps.

Download Link |http://www.ubertwitter.com/bb/download.php

Facebook for BlackBerry
Do you know anyone who’s not on Facebook? Maybe one or two, but it seems everyone who went to college during the Facebook era has one. I have plenty of older relatives with pages, too. There’s a free BlackBerry app so you can keep your status up to date while you’re on the go. Upload and share pictures, too.

Download Link |http://www.facebook.com/BlackBerry

Looking for something nearby? Maybe it’s a restaurant, maybe it’s a particular retailer. You can find these and more with Poynt. It’s your companion for making plans. The application integrates with your native BlackBerry functions, allowing you to add events to your calendar, share them via messages, and add venues to contacts.

Download Link |http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/844

Facebook and Twitter might be popular, but foursquare is hot. The idea behind foursquare is that users “check in” to various places, which notifies people as to their location. If you frequent a location you can become mayor, which can entitle you to special deals. It’s the ultimate in social applications, because it adds a real-life element to the interaction, whereas Facebook and Twitter are purely digital.

Download Link |http://foursquare.com/blackberry/

Some BlackBerry developers have the good mind to make their application names describe the application itself. This is clearly the case with GoodFoodNearYou. You can use the location-based features to find restaurants near you that serve healthy food. Not only that, but it identifies the lowest calorie options at most common restaurants. Dieting can be tough, but applications like GoodFoodNearYou can be a big help.

Download Link |http://store.bbgeeks.com/product.asp?id=26668

IM+ Lite
Most new BlackBerry models come with a number of instant message clients already installed: AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google, etc. Otherwise, you can download them for free. Yet there are some that don’t come with your Berry, and in any case that’s a lot of applications to have open if you use all those messengers. IM+, and its free cousin IM+ Lite, bring them all together, including Facebook, MySpace, ICQ, Jabber, and Skype.

Download Link |http://store.bbgeeks.com/product.asp?id=53379

Palringo acts in the same manner as IM+ Lite, aggregating a ton of instant messaging clients. If you have contacts across multiple services, this type of application is a must-have. Palringo even has some of the more obscure instant messaging platforms, like Gadu Gadu. It also has a nice interface, which is a big plus on a BlackBerry instant messaging client. You can check out our two-year-old Palringo review too.

Download Link |http://modept.com/download/palringo/app/blackberry?manual=true

Opera Mini
While it has improved over the past few years, the BlackBerry browser remains inadequate when compared to other platforms. If you do any kind of heavy web browsing it can be a major detriment. Thankfully there are alternatives. The Opera Mini browser is not only one of the most popular BlackBerry browsers, but also one of the most popular mobile browsers in general.

Download Link |http://www.opera.com/mobile/

BOLT Browser
It came out in early 2009, but in BOLT’s year-long existence they’ve done plenty to change the BlackBerry browsing experience. It is one of the fastest, most intense third party browsers for the BlackBerry. They make frequent updates, too, adding features like widgets and Twitter integration. The PC-style browsing gives it a familiar feel, making it doubly excellent for new BlackBerry owners.

Download Link |http://boltbrowser.com/home.html

Digital music has changed the way we listen. With MP3 files replacing physical CDs we can carry around more music than ever before. Streaming radio has been the next wave of the digital revolution, and Pandora is at the helm. With the BlackBerry application you can stream Internet radio wherever you get a data signal. Just name a few artists you like, and Pandora will keep the tunes flowing.

Download Link |http://www.pandora.com/blackberry

Slacker Radio
While Pandora seems to be king on the desktop, Slacker Radio has drawn quite a following on mobile platforms. You can listen to over 100 stations programmed by like-minded music fans. Even better, while Pandora limits how long you can listen per month, Slacker allows for unlimited free streaming. The premium version allows for caching, so you can listen even when you’re outside of cell signal range.

Download Link |http://www.slacker.com/everywhere/mobile/blackberry/

While digital streaming bas become hugely popular, some people still enjoy their regular old radio stations. The people behind iheartradio had this in mind when they developed their streaming music application. Instead of streaming automated or preprogrammed digital channels, however, they aggregated over 750 radio stations from across America. If you have a favorite station but don’t always have access to an FM radio, iheartradio might be your solution.

Download Link |http://www.iheartradio.com

Where audio goes, video will follow. YouTube revolutionized digital video, and many services are starting to recreate that experience on the mobile phone. Qik’s library consists of videos uploaded from mobile users just like you, who shot the videos on their mobile device. It might not be a David Lynch film, but it’s certainly a way to pass the time.

Download Link |http://qik.com/m/dl/models/9

“Remember, we’re parked in the Itchy Lot,” said Homer Simpson. How many times, though, have you forgotten which lot you parked in? Or, better yet, on what city block you parked? There’s nothing more frustrating than getting on the airport shuttle, only to forget where you get off. CarFinder provides a quick, cheap solution. It uses your GPS to record the position where your car is parked, and then helps you locate it.

Download Link |http://www.neosistec.com/carfinder/

We’d all like to be notified when there’s a cop sitting behind a bush up ahead. Sometimes a courteous motorist will alert you with her high beams, but most times you’re on your own. Radar detectors can be neat, but they also cost a lot of money. Trapster might be your solution. It will alert you to any possible traps in the area. The more reports you add, the better the system becomes, too.

Download Link |http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/529

No one wants to overpay for airfare, hotel, or rental car. There are so many options, though, that sometimes it’s tough to hunt down the single best deal. That’s where KAYAK comes in. It allows you to search from hundreds of travel sites to find the absolute best deal for you. Search by company, location, or a number of other criteria for your travel needs.

Download Link |http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/2890

WorldMate Live
Once you book your travel plans you’ll probably want a simple system to manage everything. When does your flight leave? From what terminal? Where are you staying? How many nights? These are just the first of many answers you’ll need on the fly. Once you forward your itinerary to WorldMate Live, you can get those answers in seconds. It will provide you reminds of where you need to be and when, along with weather, directions, and more. It’s the perfect travel companion.

Download Link |http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/836

The Weather Channel
There’s just no excuse to not be prepared for the weather. With all of the BlackBerry weather applications available, you can surely find a good one for your BlackBerry. The Weather Channel is the most dependable name in the business, and they now have a free BlackBerry application. It includes your local weather and more, including sever weather alerts and airport delays.

Download Link |http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/3624

The Weather Channel might be the most dependable name in weather, but WeatherBug is best-known among BlackBerry users. It not only provides basic weather information, including seven-day forecasts, but it can also integrate into many new BlackBerry themes. You won’t have to look far to know current conditions. Just glance at your BlackBerry home screen, and there it is. You can also view shots from weather cameras, just to make of the weather at your destination.

Download Link |http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/760

Navita Translator
In our expanding global economy you might face language barrier issues with potential clients and partners. Never let that get in the way again. Navita Translator can translate from 52 languages. So when a business contact sends an email you don’t understand, you can run it through the application and get a better idea. It also works with the BlackBerry browser and SMS.

Download Link |http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/522

The internet revolutionized many industries, but perhaps none quite like sports. With instantly available information you can find out not only the latest scores, but also stats and highlights within moments of the action. ScoreMobile provides information on all the major sports, and includes betting odds, previews, recaps, standings, and schedules. You’ll never be out of date on your favorite team again, no matter how busy your schedule.

Download Link |http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/1998

Many of us remember the days of having to get the movie theater early, just to stand on line for tickets. Then you were able to purchase tickets online and pick them up at the theater. Now you can purchase them from your mobile phone with the Fandango BlackBerry application. Browse the latest movies playing at theaters around you, purchase tickets, and pick them up when you get there. There’s even a brand new feature, in limited release, that lets you use your BlackBerry itself as the ticket.

Download Link |http://www.fandango.com/blackberryapp


Flixster, the #1 movie app for the iPhone and Facebook, is now on BlackBerry! Flixster has helped millions of people figure out what they want to see, and it’s totally free.

With Flixster, you can…

  • Watch high quality trailers and video clips for almost any movie
  • See the top box office, hot upcoming movies, and new DVD releases
  • Get info on any movie in theater or on DVD
  • Get local showtimes and buy tickets from theaters that sell tickets online
  • Read critic reviews from RottenTomatoes and user reviews from Flixster.com
  • Connect with Facebook to save your ratings and share them with your friends

Download Link |http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/2180


If there’s any downside to the BlackBerry, it’s that it requires your hands. That can be a burden sometimes, when your hands are occupied by other tasks. Typing and driving, for instance, is not a favorable combination. With Vlingo, though, you can speak your emails, text messages, Web searches, and more. It even includes an application that will read your messages while you drive, and allow you to compose voice-dictated responses.

Download Link |http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/720

Once you start shopping on eBay, it’s tough to do business elsewhere. If you take your time and find the right auctions you can find deals that just don’t exist elsewhere. It does take a lot of skill, though, and sometimes you just can’t be in front of your computer to pull it off. With the eBay BlackBerry application, however, you can manage your auctions from anywhere. Check out the status of your auctions, bid on items, and make payments with PayPal integration. Sniping auctions just got easier.

Download Link |http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/4557

Carrier voicemail is so lame. You have to dial a number, then enter your password, then listen to messages in the order they were left, whether you intend to actually listen to them or not. Visual voicemail has been a nice addition to the mobile space, though not every platform supports it. YouMail has made great strides in bringing free visual voicemail to BlackBerry. You can scroll through messages, skipping the ones you don’t want to hear, and saving others for later.

Download Link |http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/724

AP Mobile
With full internet access, you can keep up with all sorts of breaking news with your BlackBerry. The Associated Press is the largest wire service in the country, and their Blackberry application will keep you up to date with all of the latest. You can browse by categories, rate articles, and even share the articles on Facebook. There are fewer and fewer excuses these days for not being in formed, and applications like AP Mobile are the reason.

Download Link |http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/895

Bloomberg Mobile
Have a large investment portfolio? Like to keep up with the latest from Wall Street? Bloomberg is one of the largest financial companies in the country, and their BlackBerry application allows you to stay on top of the latest. Track stocks, research companies, and read the latest in-depth analysis, right from your BlackBerry.

Download Link |http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/939

There will always be bad apples. No matter how nice you are to others, there is always someone out there trying to do you wrong. On the internet we’ve seen this in the form of identity theft. One of the leading causes of identity theft: weak passwords. An application like RandomPasswordGenerator allows you to create strong passwords for each of your secure accounts. Best of all, you can use the Password Manager application to keep them all secured. Just don’t lose that password.

Download Link |http://store.bbgeeks.com/product.asp?id=16120

In one way, your BlackBerry is smart to turn off the cellular radio when the battery gets too low. It allows you to make sure that everything else on your device is in order, rather than cutting off the power abruptly. In another way, you might want to finish something real quick before you find a charger. With ForceRadioOn you can keep your Berry running with the battery low. Just watch out, because it could flip off at any moment.

Download Link |http://store.bbgeeks.com/product.asp?id=30924

Forward, Reply and Edit
There are just some functions that should be built into your BlackBerry OS. One of them is the ability to edit the original text of an email you are forwarding, or the quoted text in a reply. You can do this with a free application, Forward, Reply and Edit. After installation you’ll see an option in your menu, so you can Forward & Edit or Reply & Edit any email.

Download Link |http://bberryapp.com/forwardreplyandedit.htm

Pocket dialing has been the burden of mobile users since mobile phones were invented. Yes, you can lock your keypad, but sometimes you just forget before slipping it into your pocket. Then, as you amble about, your movements can depress keys and end up dialing people on your contacts list. AutoLock sets your keys to lock at a set interval after the screen goes dark. So even if you forget to lock your keys, you won’t be pocket dialing anyone.

Download Link |http://www.geekandproud.net/blackberry-software

Anyone who has a BlackBerry will dispense one bit of advice: back it up. This means plugging it into your computer, loading Desktop Manager, and syncing. With mIQ, though, you can perform your backup wirelessly. You can sync contacts, messages, photos, call logs, and more with a server. If you lose or break your device, you can install mIQ on the new one and get back all of your information.

Download Link |http://www.blackberryfreaks.com/mIQ.html

If you’re looking for a way to manage your stock portfolio on your BlackBerry, there are a number of applications to choose from. Among them is iStockManager, an application that works with TD Ameritrade. It not only allows you to check the market no matter where you are, but it also allows you to access your TD Ameritrade account, so you can make trades based on what you see.

Download Link |http://store.bbgeeks.com/product.asp?id=25289

Blue Mobile
While it’s difficult to glean this application’s function from its name, once you get into Blue Mobile you might wonder why you used other free stock tracking applications. Blue Mobile not only tracks stock markets, but also examines more than 120 markets, spanning regions, countries, and the globe. You can get quick quotes on commodity, currency, and energy pricing right from your BlackBerry.

Download Link |http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/2421

ProOnGo Expense
Keeping track of your investment portfolio is one thing. Keeping track of your personal finances is another. There are many options for managing finances on your BlackBerry, but ProOnGo Expense provides a free, easy way to keep track of everything you spend. It even has a receipt reader, allowing you to take pictures of receipts with your BlackBerry camera. It then fills in appropriate fields, making your expense management that much easier.

Download Link |http://store.bbgeeks.com/product.asp?id=34755

Beat the Traffic
Sitting in traffic can be one of the most frustrating experiences. All you want to do is get somewhere, but all those other drivers just won’t let you. It is best, then, to drive at a time when no one else is on the road. Short of making all trips at 2 a.m., you can take advantage of traffic services to plan the optimal time. Beat the Traffic does this, taking traffic reports and creating forecasts. Or, if you’re a control freak and know traffic is unavoidable, you can find out how long you’ll be sitting.

Download Link |http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/2705

Mobile banking has yet to hit its stride, but that doesn’t mean you’re without an online money manager. PayPal is a popular payment system. It allows you to create an account and then add money to it, make payments from it, or even invest in a money market to earn interest. This version of the application only allows you to send money, but it’s a start.

Download Link |http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/5215

The Bible is an awfully large book, and can be difficult to tote around on long trips. Some people have pocket versions for that type of scenario. There’s also the e-book version. What better place to read your e-Bible, then, than on your BlackBerry? This version, by LifeChurch.tv, includes features that allow you to browse, bookmark, and search from 41 translations.

Download Link |http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/1222

BlackTrack Lite
Want to micromanage your life? It might sound negative, but some people like to keep themselves under strict control. BlackTrack Lite can help with that. It logs the time you spend on your BlackBerry activities, inluding phone calls, email read and compose times, SMS logs, and more. After it records everything it sends you reports, so you know exactly where you stand with yourself. Just, whatever you do, don’t let your boss get a hold of it.

Download Link |http://store.bbgeeks.com/product.asp?id=47992

Calorie Counter
Dieting is no easy task. Not only do temptations exist everywhere, but even when you’re trying to eat right you have to choose the right foods. Calorie Counter does the basic tasks of food recording, but also provides nutrition information of different foods. You can record your daily eating habits in a food diary, and track your weight with a nifty chart. Dieting will still be hard, but at least Calorie Counter makes it just a little bit easier.

Download Link |http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/1565

MerchantWARE Credit Card Terminal
If you need to process credit cards for your individual or small business, you might benefit from a mobile solution. MerchantWARE provides that software, and for free. It allows you to process credit card numbers on the go. If you have a portable credit card reader, you can sync it via Bluetooth and run swiped transactions. It emails receipts and provides users with detailed reporting. A perfect small business companion.

Download Link |http://store.bbgeeks.com/product.asp?id=44298

WordPress for BlackBerry
WordPress is one of the top blogging platforms. With so many high-profile bloggers using the software, it makes sense that many of them want to update from their mobile phones. With this application you can write a new post, edit posts, manage comments on self-hosted WordPress blogs. It’s a must-have for anyone running WordPress software.

Download Link |http://blackberry.wordpress.org/

Taking notes is a function your BlackBerry helps you perform. But sometimes it’s not feasible to type out your notes. Whether you’re driving our someone just broke your thumbs, sometimes it’s more convenient to speak your notes. SpeakWrite provides the software. You can even record phone calls — though you’ll have to check local laws to see the restrictions on this practice.

Download Link |http://www.speakwrite.com/WEB/Smartphone/Home.aspx

Ever get iPhone envy? It seems that every BlackBerry user does from time to time. The device can be so sleek, from its most complicated applications to its simplest messaging interfaces. If you want to replicate the SMS bubble layout of the iPhone you can check out crunchSMS. It’s better for the pre-OS 5.0 devices, since OS 5.0 includes threaded messages. It’ll add a little spice to your BlackBerry.

Download Link |http://www.crunchsms.com/

Gym Technik
I remember, back in the day, carrying a pad and paper with me to the gym so I could record the results of my daily exercises. It’s the best way to continue making progress, especially for someone like me who can’t remember how much weight he lifted last week. Gym Technik provides the solution, allowing you to create and record a workout routine. Keep track of your fitness and make sure you’re seeing the gains you seek.

Download Link |https://www.gymtechnik.com/newuser.aspx

If you browse forums regularly, you’ve surely run across ones created by vBulletin. While you could previously browse those from a WAP browser, the interface isn’t all that compelling. BerryBlab changes that, allowing you to browse your favorite vBulletin forums in a more intuitive manner. You can access multiple forums, view forums and sub-forms, and view threads throughout. You can even access your private messages with the free version.

Download Link |http://www.berryblab.com/BlackBerry.aspx

We’ve all been there. You’re in a restaurant with a bunch of friends, but when the bill comes — surprise surprise — there are some discrepancies in what people owe and what they’ve paid. Whether someone forgot the tax, or they neglected to tip, there are all sorts of reasons for these discrepancies. With SplitCosts you can take some of the guesswork out of bill splitting. It allows for multiple splitting options, so you can figure out who owes what, no matter how many people or what the bill.

Download Link |http://store.bbgeeks.com/product.asp?id=48340

The GPS unit in your BlackBerry has multiple functions beyond guiding you to your destination. It can integrate with many applications to add plenty of location-based functions. One cool GPS application I ran across was speedOmeter. It does exactly what it advertises, tracking your speed. I prefer the GPS speed to my car’s speedometer, but this is primarily for walkers, joggers, and bicyclists.

Download Link |http://www.blackberryfreeware.org/download/speedometer-1.1

Ever get an email from a co-worker — or worse, your boss — and not know what one of the words means? Or how about when you’re reading something and need a quick way to look up a word? It happens to the best of us. Thankfully, you can find easy answers on your BlackBerry. Rather than paying for a dictionary file that takes up room on your memory card, you can download the Dictionary.com application. It allows for quick searches of over 325,000 words.

Download Link |http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/3626

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